The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) is a political organization that began its formation at 3300 with CMDR KNac's Call[1] on December 12 and was fully formed by the year 3301. With the goal of supporting Alliance of Independent Systems through series of diplomatic initiatives AEDC started operations around systems of 78 Ursae Majoris, Tiethay, Enki and others. Facing dire obstacles along the road AEDC quickly expanded with the help of numerous Alliance sympathizers. In the spirit of the Alliance tradition for cooperation AEDC developed successful partnership not only with independent pilots but with many influential organizations and individuals as well. Among most noteworthy sponsors of AEDC are notorious business magnate Victoria Wolf, Commodore Helena Stone of the Alliance Navy and famous diplomat with aristocratic heritage Hubertus von Weissenborn.

You can see our Epic History described in Obsidian Ant's video about us.[2] Our main play style is playing the BGS, and we educated Galactic Intern Ed Lewis of Frontier Developments in one of the Educating Ed episodes.[3]

Some have called us 'green extremists'. We actually agree.

We are a collection of Elite: Dangerous players who have found a calling in supporting the Alliance in any way we can. Our members span the globe and our Discord server is usually full of these players. The atmosphere is casual and light-hearted. Our players are mature and we work well together even though we come from different countries, nationalities and even religions.

Our main focus is supporting Alliance factions in the Milky Way galaxy by promoting them to ruling status of systems. Our members have been instrumental in welcoming hundreds of systems into the Alliance through this process. We support them through all of the available methods, missions, bounty hunting, civil and system wars, selling exploration data and even trade. 

Over the course of our time together our members have developed tools that help us note and track influence changes in systems and we have a separate tool that we use to organize operations to accomplish our goals.  

As staunch supporters of the Alliance, we don't enforce any particular kind of playstyle for our members with the exception that we do not condone piracy or unprovoked aggressive actions toward other players, Alliance or not. We recognize your right to play the way you want to play. If that happens to be supporting what we want to accomplish then we welcome your efforts.  

So if you are looking for mature and well-rounded players working to accomplish good things for the Alliance in Elite: Dangerous, please join us! Our Discord server is linked on our website and there is usually someone that can welcome you!

Alliance 万歳

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