"A tiny population of less than a thousand, divided between Newtown and de Gaul, eke out a living in asteroid mining. Only the best armed traders survive. It's the kind of place you go to dump the bodies." ― In-Game Description

Andancan is an extraction economy system that is less known for its resources than its shady services and operations out of the oddly named Coriolis star port SVP. Its convenient position close to the star allows brave travelers a quick repair and restock, as well as basic outfitting and beyond the usual full-service, a place to trade the few items considered illegal in the Alliance.

Future of Udegoci, the current ruler, entered the system in March 3302, but didn't make much headway initially, needing to battle its way through a variety of corporate and autocratic independent factions, while the system control switched hands multiple times. It finally took control on January 8, 3303 and has ruled ever since and expanded from here multiple times. It remains unruly as the remaining two factions occasionally take advantage of the situation when the ruling faction is concerned with affairs elsewhere to sneak up and start up another conflict.

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