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Ashtart is an agricultural and industrial system, controlled by Prime Minister Mahon of the Alliance. The system contains three Orbis stations, Nesvadba Orbital, which orbits the earth-like world of Ashtart C 2, Hand Enterprise and Hinz Hub. The system station are nearly 4,000 Ls from the entry star, which leaves is a bit off the beaten path for tourism and trade, but is well worth the visit. Ashtart, lit by the reddish light of the star, maintains a rustic and authentic country feel, best experienced at Nesvadba Orbital, and Hand Enterprise with its large farm ring. Don't expect the facilities of a modern tourism system, but that is part of the rural charm.

The system provides an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, as well as grains, coffee and tea. Ashtart's stations provide the traveler with abundant choices of independently run restaurants, serving the local produce delicately prepared.

Ashtart is one of two systems controlled by LHS 2541 Alliance Combine that ensure Famine and Outbreak are rare occurrences in the region.

Given the system is controlled by the Alliance and their rather permissive attitude compared to other superpowers in allowing citizens to decide for themselves what is good for them and how they live their lives, it is most famous for being a legal source for tobacco, providing smugglers into nearby systems controlled by the Federation a hefty profit and Federal smokers their fix.

Stella ashtart

Lesser known is the local pilsner beer called Stella Ashtart, which does not compare to the more famous Perez Ring Brewery artisanal beer, but provides a welcome refreshment for local Alliance systems and refugees from whatever they drink in the Federation bars.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • Ashtart Allied PLC
  • Ashtart Gang
  • Ashtart Pro-Alliance Group
  • Ashtart Services
  • Friends of Hual
  • LHS 2541 Alliance Combine
  • United Ashtart Progressive Party



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