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FN Virginis is a military colony system that used to be controlled by the Alliance as part of the Green Corridor.

LHS 2541 Alliance Combine had entered the system in mid December 3302. At that time the ruling Federal faction FN Virginis & Co proved to be elusive as it constantly fought wars in other systems. The system was brought into the Alliance in a short 4 day war ending on July 10, 3303. Since then, the military facilities of the system have been used by the local Allied Police as well as serving as a base for the ruling faction's contingent of the Alliance Navy. Just under a year later the alliance faction suffered a humiliating defeat and lost control to Purple Allied Systems, returning the system to Federal control once more.

At first sight, beyond its close proximity to the Sol area, the system may not appear like much, but is an excellent place for bounty hunting, and there is a variety of different ringed gas giants to choose from, with a mix of risk and danger for every adventure traveler and every skill level. However, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to see one of the most dramatically lit surface port in the area. Purely for the views, a visit to Lorrah Barracks is highly recommended. You will have to be lucky with the time of day, and the amount of traffic at the port at the time, but the effect can be breath-taking.


System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • Crimson Power Holdings
  • FN Virginis Silver Society
  • FN Virginis & Co
  • Leaders of FN Virginis
  • LHS 2541 Alliance Combine
  • Purple Allied Systems
  • Wolf 437 Power Services



  • Notes about the system.