Friends of Varramool is a minor faction supported by the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC). Initially brought to a significant size by one the group's original strategists, it is currently maintained by another diplomat.

Friends of Varramool spreads Alliance principles of freedom, self-determination and mutual aid in the northern part of the inhabited bubble.

Friends of Varramool's moment in the spotlight came by being the supported faction in the Educating Ed livestream[1] AEDC participated in jointly with ESS that focused strongly on the BGS.

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The FoV exist right on the frontier...that area of space where, if you go beyond, there is no more human civilisation presence beyond the odd straggler or pirate.

It is mostly Industrial and Extraction out here with foods and science in short supply.

We work by moving to new systems and convincing them to join our peaceful and free ways. Most agree to this :)

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Rank Description
Militia New members of the AEDC start off with this rank.
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... ...
... ...

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1st October 3302
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15th August 3303

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29th August 3303

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11th October 3303

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