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Insubii is an industrial system of a million souls, all located on Leeuwenhoek Hub, the only station in the system, and frankly, only feature of note in a system consisting otherwise of two T-Tauri stars with asteroid belts.

Nobody really remembers anymore, but the local legend goes that the Coriolis was originally placed in the system during the days of shorter range FSD drives to provide docking services to weary travelers who had miscalculated fuel and hadn't counted on the non-scoopables they just found themselves among. However, since nobody can recall days when Insubii attracted much traffic, this is disputed. It survives on producing industrial goods, but only the bravest and most desperate traders make the trip, as the position of Leeuwenhoek Hub in deep space leads to easy overshooting, leaving them vulnerable to interdiction by pirates.

The system was controlled by Savi for Equality, a Federation democracy faction, whose local interpretation of democracy was keeping the population with nowhere to go under tight control. While official opinion polls consistently showed high support, this was proven hollow and manipulated when the Alliance democracy of Future of Udegoci entered the system on October 27, 3303 and immediately gained over 17% support of the population. Promising true democracy, rather than rigged opinion polls and Federal corruption and oppression, the faction rapidly gained in popularity. Meanwhile the locals rose up and started attacking facilities owned by the ruling faction.

Future of Udegoci, bringing in advisers from the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) helped steer the uprising into productive directions. Remarkably, within just twelve days of entering the system, on November 9th, the ruling faction was booted out, their non-local officials deported back to Savi next door, and all assets transferred to Future of Udegoci, while the system itself joined the Alliance. The system has thrived since, and has even generated an expansion to the home system of the former rulers.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • Future of Udegoci
  • Insubii Blue Camorra
  • Insubii Left Party
  • Insubii Natural Plc
  • United Insubii Dominion



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