LHS 1758 is a former federation system controlled by the Order of Enblackenment. It lies within the sphere of influence of DP Camelopardalis, a control system owned by Edmund Mahon of the Alliance.

About Edit

Along with Evenks and Du Shenge represent the Order of Enblackenment's foray into the Edmund Mahon's sphere of influence.

Notable Events Edit

The War against <unknown>

The war for Gaiman's Inheritance

The war was fought and won for the Order of Enblackenment, resulting in the hand over of the system to the Order's control.

System layoutEdit

  • LHS 1758
    • LHS 1758 A
      • Gaiman's Inheritance (Industrial Outpost)
  • NN 3343 B

Minor factionsEdit

  • Hajangai Industry
  • LHS 1758 Interstellar
  • LHS 1758 Purple Boys
  • Order of Enblackenment
  • Union of LHS 1758 Alliance



  • This system's Main and B star does not follow the naming convention of most systems.