Minor Factions are political groups within a star system that vy for power and control of the system, stations and other assets. They have an allegiance, government type, influence level and current, pending and recovering states. CMDRs have a separate reputation level with each minor faction.

Player Minor Factions Edit

Player Minor Factions are minor factions created by players and were inserted into the game by Frontier Developments.

Players have to form groups which submit an application to Frontier Developements who vet to ensure their suitability.

Players choose a system allegiance and a government type they wish their faction to have.

Players can choose to support already existing minor faction in game.

Allegiance Edit

Minor Factions may have pledged their allegiance to one of the major powers, Empire, Federation or Alliance or they may be independent. Click below to view a list of player factions by allegiance.

Government Type Edit

There are thirteen government types. Click below to view a list of Player Factions for each Government type.

Player activity and the background simulation Edit

(see also: Background Simulation)

Minor faction influence levels grows and shrinks based on CMDR actions within star system.

with concentrated effort, a handover of control of the system is possible to a different minor faction and even an expansion to another system. This requires knowledge and effort to manipulate the background simulation.

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