North Wall Alliance Embassy is a player group dedicated to the security and prosperity of the North Wall region of the Alliance. The North Wall was the first non-Alliance region of space that Edmund Mahon expanded into during the economic power play of 3302. Without support of Alliance factions, the Alliance used this region of space to show that the economic support of Alliance control systems would allow all systems to flourish, regardless of their allegiance.

The North Wall originally consisted of the Control Systems of Arany, Tricorii, Kpaniya, Picunche, 3 Upsilon Ophiuchi, Daha and Tikurua. Kpaniya and Picunche were lost or abandoned during various conflicts with the Federation. The North Wall Alliance Embassy is headquartered in Tepehuacoc, in the Helvetitj Control System, just outside the North Wall.

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1st October 3302

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