Sap Core Legion is a corporate Alliance player group on the fringe of the Bubble, controlling more than 30 star systems. It is presently the largest Alliance player group.

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What started as a small group off CMDR’s seeking to band together to help the Alliance, has come to be one of the larger Alliance factions with a robust team of capable pilots from all professions pushing SCL influence over their sector of space.

Sap Core Legion started as an Xbox player group that has since found CMDRs across all platforms. Each CMDR is an independent pilot who contributes as much as they desire to SCL’s benefit and to join in the camaraderie that comes with flying in a wing.

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Rank Description
Recruit New members of the order start of with this rank.
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1st October 3302
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15th August 3303

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29th August 3303

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11th October 3303

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