"The United Federation Defense Force, or UFDF, is a faction dedicated to bringing respect and good Federal values to the galaxy. They help pilots aligned with the Federation gain rank, money and power, and are available to hire for hire for defense-orientated missions and escorts"

Shoujeman is a Hudson control system that is ruled by the Alliance faction of LHS 2541 Alliance Combine, with an extraction and refinery economy. It was the seat of the Southern Command of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) stationed at Binnie Orbital between October 13, 3302 when LHS 2541 Alliance Combine captured the Coriolis station, and May 5, 3303 when it was moved to Salk Hub in Flousop.

Otherwise Shoujeman is mostly known for being a reasonable service station for larger ships for the bounty hunting grounds of G 14-6. While it is a Hudson control system, since it is Alliance controlled, instead you will find portraits of the Prime Minister of the Alliance.

Nobody in the system remembers who UFDF is.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • DT Virginis Dynasty
  • LHS 2541 Alliance Combine
  • Movement for Shoujeman Free
  • Shoujeman Jet General Services
  • Shoujeman Purple Syndicate
  • Traditional Shoujeman Freedom Party
  • Wolf 437 Power Services



  • Notes about the system.