The Sitakapan Expeditionary Forces (SEF) is an Imperial Dictatorship headquartered in the Sitakapa system. Fiercely isolationist, the SEF embody core Imperial values through military discipline in the frontier worlds.

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The SEF are a paramilitary force who rose to power after imposing martial law in Sitakapa using powers granted by the failing incumbent government, the Sitakapa Empire League.

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Although the SEF is a paramilitary organisation with a typical internal rank structure, Pilots Federation Commanders assisting the SEF carry no formal title. Despite this, they are often referred to as "associates".

Commentators believe this to be an attempt by the SEF distance themselves from the perhaps colourful background of Commanders in their employ. Rumors also suggest the SEF has no compunction using their associates in black ops or other illegal activities, and the lack of any formal titles affords them some plausible deniability.

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17th August 3301

  • Sitakapan Expeditionary Forces mobilizes in response to governmental crisis in Sitakapa, takes control of several key stations

8th August 3302

  • SEF seize control of Onizuka Gateway and the Ruwachis system in their first military conquest

23rd August 3302

  • General Ani Leonard announces plans to fortify Sitakapa holdings under a new homeland militarisation programme, and encourages resistance against Federal warmongering in the Pleiades

November-December 3302

  • A successful military and policitcal campaign sees SEF take control of two industrial complexes in the Peng and Mac Og systems.

10th December 3302

  • SEF accused of association with Xenoterrorism. General Ani Leonard provides no comment.

29th December 3302

  • SEF wrests control of High Tech facilities from Federal forces in Turona in what is widely considered a pyhhric victory for SEF, with considerable mercenary support provided to Federal naval forces.

17th January 3303

  • Following attractive development and leadership in Turona, elections in Kamaki oust the ruling Nationalists party and establish SEF as the ruling authority.

8th February 3303

  • Plague ravages SEF-controlled systems but is quickly brought under control by research teams posted in Turona and Kamaki

14th February 3303

  • SEF establishes control over refining facilities in the Diegakul system to enhance supply chains into it's industrial complexes in Mac Og and Peng.

28th April 3303

  • General Ani Leonard announces plans to retrofit the ageing mining outpost of Russell Hub into a new military complex, and begins stockpiling Hydrogen Fuel, Pesticides, Battle Weapons and Nerve Agents

11th May 3303

  • Works are completed on the Russell Hub retrofit.

18th July 3303

  • Following failed elections for the small mining system of Damoch, SEF agrees to a non-competition pact with other Imperial Dictatorships in the region

23rd December 3303

  • SEF invades and conquers Nik, defeating Federal forces decisively

2nd March 3304

  • In a joint political and paramilitary operation, Hehebeche is seized by SEF, ousting Sitakapa Empire League in a local by-election while overwhelming the Hehebeche Crimson Central Inc militia forces.

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