A Station is a man-made structure that a ships can dock and acces station facilities.They are the primary endpoint for most CMDRs who travel from star system to star system. They also have an economy type that determines the supply and demand of each station's commodity market. Stations can either be Orbital or surface stations.

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A station can be owned by a minor faction and can transfer ownership on the conclusion of a war, civil war or election. Station facilities can become disabled due to BGS states such as Lockdown or Civil Unrest. A station can also be affected by the selling of thargoid-related commodities in the black market causing their facilities to be disabled.

Vast quantities of Meta-alloys must be sold to the station to alleviate this state.

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There are 9 types of stations.

  • Non-Dockable
    • Installations
    • Planetary Settlement

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