The Winged Hussars is a cooperative group of loosely connected pilots, all hailing from different parts of the Galaxy and flying under different banners. Their roots dig deep into the history, almost 1800 years back – to the tradition of heavy armoured assault units fielded in the pre–space era by Earth's ancient nation of Poland. Pilots joining this faction declare that they want to capture the spirit of all–out bravery and unparalleled courage and efficiency of these ancient warriors from the times long gone. Their base of operation is Maskelyne Vision Coriolis Orbital Starport in HR 8444 system.

Systems Edit

The Winged Hussars control 36 star systems and are present in 45.

Achievements Edit

  • Introducing a Polish faction of The Winged Hussars into the game, along with a relevant description on the galaxy map (HR 8444 system).
  • For some time controlling the most systems of all player groups.
  • Founding of the Border Coalition.
  • Thanks from the developer in the official Elite Dangerous art book for our community.
  • Creation of unofficial Elite main menu, available only for our community members.
  • Introducing of our faction in the official Elite: Dangerous novel "Premonition" by Drew Wagar.
  • Invitation for the community leader, Cmdr Mathias Shallowgrave, to visit Frontier Development offices, along with other prominent Elite community members, such as Obsidian Ant or The Hutton Orbital Truckers leader, Cmdr Vingtetun. The invitation was sent to the "pillars of ED community", which shows that the developer appreciates our involvement, commitment and passion for the game.  
  • Promotional material, posted on the official forums and on social media by the game developer.
  • Organising first Polish Community Goal along with a supporting storyline and characters. Thanks to a few PR actions and support of community groups such as Hutton Orbital TruckersTeabaggers Cooperative and EDC, CG was successfully completed and a new space bar installation called 11 Parsecs and a tourist beacon to which passenger missions are now generated, appeared on the orbit of a very unique Earth Like World in HIP 110028 system. Both locations can be visited in game.