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Udegoci is a high tech and refinery economy system that is known for its high tech products, and being the home system of Future of Udegoci, one of the larger Alliance factions in the galaxy.

Future of Udegoci has consistently been comfortable rulers in the system, as the other local factions provide only autocratic alternatives, which generally don't appeal to the socially and democratically minded population of Udegoci.

Its wealth, originally from high local tech products, but increasingly also from the other systems controlled by Future of Udegoci, is re-invested to spread Alliance principles of freedom, self-determination and mutual aid through its surrounding space, making this system of not yet 22 million punch well above its weight, and giving it a voice in Alliance politics. Future of Udegoci have proven themselves time and time again to be the future of Udegoci.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • Future of Udegoci
  • Udegoci Nationals
  • Udegoci Crimson Universal Prtnrs
  • Udegoci Autocracy



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