Ukraine Colonist Alliance is a player faction based in Colonia 22k LY from Sol. Almost completely consists of Ukrainian players.

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Ukraine Colonist Alliance is player group that still waits until developers will add mechanisms, processes, features and relations for player-run corporations:

- corporation governance with player assigned hierarchy and roles

- corporation calendar with weekly, monthly and quarterly task assigning and progress indication

- corporation logistics and shared storage with access management based on roles for players to store and share resources, commodities, modules, ships

- corporation recruiting and member management to track and manage corporation member activity in-game with history and clear identification information

- corporation in-game message board for diplomas and official announcements (inside corporation and public)

- corporation diplomacy to set standings of corporation to other parties (declare wars, or alliances, trade pacts and tracking politics status and conflict results)

- corporation ability to change trade routes, create tasks for resource gathering on stations, settlements and outposts (or corporation space in general). Ability to prohibit trade with 3rd parties that are engaged in destructive activity and marked as enemy by diplomats.

  • Statement from management of U.C.A.

We believe that most problems in relationships between players and developers stem from communication where people make promises they can't keep. So, F.DEVs please no more empty promises and exaggerated claims with "eye candy"! Focus on game-play that isn't boring repetitive tasks.

And last thing. We asked (repeatedly) for Ukrainian flag decal in shop, you seem to ignore it completely.

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Rank Description
Guest New members start of with this rank.
Candidate Members on probation.
Commander Members that passed trial.
Lieutenants Officers of Ukraine Colonist Alliance

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  • The Founding day of Ukraine Colonist Allience


  • Preparations for "Colonia Initiative" faction registration and coordinated actions aimed at logistic and support affords.


  • Lead by promise (by devs) of "player-run corporation" took steps to move corporate assets and personnel from "Bouble" (i.e. civilized space) to "Colonia" (new fronteer). After completion of immigration phase we discovered that star system and planetary base  is not present. Electronic exchange between corporation management and developers took place and corporation staff waited on all issues to be resolved with errors in internal application processing (few months). After final approval and selection of planet base name (by voting) corporation finally claimed promised system for taking part and wining 4th place in "Colonia Initiative Phase 4".


  • Development of home system to rise population, wealth and security.
  • Expansion to systems of interest and improvement of trade routes and mining operations.
  • Protection of the interests and corporate assets, despite actions aimed at the unfair takeover by third parties and NPC-factions. 


  • UCA Mining department aided "Protecting Colonia" initiative by diverting 7000 units of Praseodymium, Coltan, and Lithium Hydroxide to Dove Enigma in the Colonia system.

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