"Homeworld of Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport & Co, a stalwart defender and promoter of peace, prosperity and freedom. Under her guidance, the [Alliance] Elite Diplomatic Corps constantly strive to expand the influence of the Alliance of Independent Systems. Be it through negotiations, humanitarian aid and water purification or, if deemed necessary, force." ― In-Game Description

Wolf 406 is a high tech and refinery system that is the home system of the Wolf 406 Transport & Co corporation headed by Victoria Wolf VI. It is also the official headquarters of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC).

Wolf 406's main Coriolis station Hamilton Gateway provides excellent outfitting and a wide variety of ships for sale at the shipyard - most notably locally produced Diamondback type ships at a 20% galactic discount. This is due to the corporation's tight relationship with Lakon Spaceways, after a contract was secured in May 3301 that made Wolf 406 one of the largest producers of the class in the galaxy.

Incidentally, the effort at the time to secure the contract led to a rise in export of the local water purifiers that were in the system used for the production of Purer Water™, known for a variety of health benefits. While Purer Water™ requires water harvested from the pristine ice rings around Wolf 406 4, the association has not hurt the demand for Wolf 406 water purifiers.

Wolf 406 is generally safe for traders and miners as its local security is supplemented not only by AEDC CMDRs, but with the engineer Todd the Blaster nearby in Wolf 397, independent CMDRs unwittingly help out in eliminating pirates in the system.

Wolf 406 has an unusual number of factions, due to the policy in the early years of rapid expansion to invite a faction in the newly expanded system to open a trade mission and embassy in Wolf 406. Despite the policy being abandoned in later years, many of those who initially responded to the call remain in the system.

Junior diplomats generally spend their formative period in Wolf 406, and new recruits are actively encouraged to make Hamilton Gateway their initial home, before finding their preferred posting. Hamilton Gateway regularly hosts AEDC events, bringing diplomats together from throughout the area managed by AEDC, always making for an exciting time at Hamilton, as the locals come to see the various well-outfitted ships of the diplomats and their Alliance allies dock, and parties rage till the early hours in Hamilton's nightlife district.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • Cupinook Blue Travel Company
  • Dagaz Legal Commodities
  • LTT 4772 Alliance Mandate
  • Marquis du Uram
  • Matres Gold General Systems
  • New Wolf 406 Values Party
  • Ross 129 Liberals
  • Wolf 406 Flag
  • Wolf 406 Raiders
  • Wolf 406 Transport & Co



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