The Xukong Nexus is a player managed minor faction originating from the Belgeth system, managed by the player group of the same name. The minor faction is described in-game by the system description text:

The Xukong Nexus fought together, explored faraway systems and protected trade runs. Going through all this brought them closer together but they thirsted for more.

A plan emerged to set out together and pursue their dreams. The Xukong Nexus were born! At heart they were pirate hunters, however with news of the return of the aliens they knew they needed to prepare.

They now destroy as many pirate factions as they can whilst embracing exploration in their search for alien contact.

If you should happen to meet one of the Xukong Nexus on your travels, befriend them and you will see they can be one of your most helpful and loyal allies.

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The Xukong Nexus was formally injected into the Belgeth system in November 3303.

The player group is a dedicated group that actively support their in game faction.

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The Xukong Nexus operates according to a military organisational structure with rank hierarchies.

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November 3303

  • The Xukong Nexus was injected into the Belgeth system. They soon took control of Rowley City and began to expand their political influence beyond their home system.

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